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*UI Update*

We are excited to announce that we have made several updates to our HTML5 User Interface, available at It has been QA tested, deployed on to live production and is ready for customer use. The reporting tool is the most notable update, resolving various cross-month reporting issues, and is now fully functional. Separate entity-save anomalies have been fixed as well, so top level entities (i.e. Advertiser and Site) can now be edited accordingly.

For those who still preserved Flash on their machine, the Flash app is still accessible via the login at the bottom or via

We continue to appreciate your patience and cooperation while we continue to enhance the platform. You can still always count on us for anything. We are always happy to help.

NUI Media, Client Services



⬅*Updated HTML5 UI v1.2 Now Available!*

NUI Media, Client Services

Alaka‘i (AH-la-KAH-ee)

“Alaka‘i is the Hawaiian value of leadership, and it is a quality desired both in managing and leading. It includes coaching, guiding and mentoring others to support their growth and self-development.”